Hay Mayrer

Non Governmental Organization

Volunteer teams of “Armenian Mothers” charity fund

  • Translators
    This team translates all the public and official news, documents of the Fund, as well as help our mothers different types of documents.
  • Drivers
    This team provide transport to our children and their children from home to therapy centers and back. For the parent of children with special needs the only convenient type of transport is a taxi, which is quite expensive. Volunteers have cars and are ready to drive our children 2-3 times per week.
  • Lawyers
    This team helps to solve juridical issues and tasks of the Fund and parents personal questions.
  • Psychologists
    This team support mothers and other volunteers at difficult situations.
  • Actors/clowns
    This team makes our events a party.
  • Operators and editors
    This team takes videos, prepare video-materials, social ads of Fund’s events.
  • Photographers
    This team takes photos of beautiful moments of our children's’ life as well as makes photo profile of Fund’s events.
  • Speech therapy specialists
    These specialists help our children to improve their speaking skills.
  • Journalists
    This team prepares information leaflets and other types of material about our Fund.
  • Make-up specialists
    This specialists can turn our mothers to beauties. Our children's’ mothers have a lot of problems and stress while battling with life circumstances to make their children's’ life better. In this battle our aim is to make their life a bit happier. Every women wants to be beautiful and in form. Make-up specialists help our mothers to be beautiful for special events and in general.