Hay Mayrer

Non Governmental Organization

Employment of parents

Our Fund’s one of the main targets is to help the parents of children with CP to find a job.


In the framework of this target:

  • different organizations and persons teach and share professional skills with our parents for free;
    *with further job offer or without it
  • professionals that join us help parents to find their way to professional life and appropriate job offer.

You can support us

If you have concrete speciality or profession and you are ready to teach our mothers for free, please write us - [email protected] - or call 055 131191.

Our mothers prefer to become

  • dresser
  • make-up specialist
  • cooker
  • baker
  • manicure specialist
  • hairdresser
  • tattoo specialist
  • catering specialist

Our mothers are ready to learn for 2-3 hours per day. After finishing necessary classes they are ready to work.

You can support us with your donations

You can donate money for paying our mothers’ classes or purchasing necessary equipment, tools and material for the professional career start.

Present in the form of necessary tools and material package for the start

Specialized organizations and everyone can give as a present necessary tools, materials, that will help our mothers to start their professional career.